SCOT seeks more space to conduct its classes

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THE Society for Community Outreach & Training’s (SCOT) education arm is seeking the government’s assistance in lending them several classrooms at any public school so they can carry out their teaching programmes.

SCOT Education 2016 Project Manager Sharifah Mashhorina Malai Shahran said the non-governmental organisation was only allowed to teach students who came from Rimba II Secondary School for their extra English classes.

“We want support from the government by providing us with a venue to carry out our classes. The venue could be any school where we can utilise proper classrooms on Fridays for the students.

“What we want to do is open up the classes to all underprivileged students, and not those just from a particular school,” she said.

She said they only require a few classrooms to provide a conducive teaching and learning environment for the students.

Sharifah Mashhorina said some parents from the Rimba Village Consultative Council (MPK) have recently requested for their children to attend the classes, but they don’t study at Rimba II Secondary School.

She hopes the Ministry of Education will officially recognise them as trainers in teaching students outside of school.

Currently, their volunteers or trainers include university and college students.

“That is why we hope to receive official recognition from the Ministry of Education. We hope the ministry can look into providing training for our volunteers so we will all be certified,” she said.

Sharifah Mashhorina said SCOT Education will in the meantime carry on teaching students requiring their help.

The Brunei Times