MoH joins health systems network

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THE Ministry of Health (MoH) recently joined the Leading Health Systems Network (LHSN) in a move to improve Brunei’s healthcare system.

A joint initiative of Imperial College London and the World Innovation Summit for Health, the network of healthcare leaders and organisations is dedicated to improving healthcare delivery by utilising available resources.

In a statement issued yesterday, MoH said participation in the network is a key activity towards meeting the ministry’s strategic priorities over the next five years.

It added the use of quantitative data, evidence and sharing of best practices, combined with rigorous analysis in partnership with world-renowned institutions, serve towards the achievement of MoH’s vision of a healthy sultanate.

Besides learning, the ministry said it looked forward to sharing and contributing examples of best practices with like-minded organisations.

MoH cited examples including the lessons learned from the recent consolidation of a number of small primary healthcare centres at the larger Berakas Health Centre, as well as original approaches in inter-sectoral partnership to prevent and control non-communicable diseases.

It also listed the use of management techniques such as lean methodology to reduce breast care referral waiting times from primary to secondary care.

The ministry described its participation in the network as an innovative way of driving the health agenda forward, contributing to improvements in health and healthcare delivery both in Brunei as well as globally.

Letters of agreement between MoH and Imperial College London for participation in the LHSN were exchanged on May 27.

The ceremony was conducted during a study visit to Imperial College London’s Institute of Global Health Innovation by a delegation from MoH led by Deputy Permanent Secretary Dr Hjh Maslina Hj Mohsin.

The network is currently running a year-long programme focusing on safer care dubbed the Safer Care Accelerator.

The programme brings together healthcare leaders and organisations to exchange insights, experiences and data around patient safety.

A ‘patient safety information scorecard’ is the first initiative within the Safer Care Accelerator.

MoH said it will provide a comparative view of information used for patient safety around the world and how effectively this information is used across healthcare systems.

The ‘patient safety information scorecard’ will cover multiple categories of patient safety information, such as administrative data, collected across healthcare settings from primary care, acute care and mental health.

BruHIMS, MoH’s electronic record system, will be used as part of the Safer Care Accelerator programme to advance improvements in the country’s overall healthcare system.

Other institutions that have joined the network include NHS England and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in the United Kingdom.

The network is also participated by Canada’s Vancouver Coastal Care, Qatar’s Hamad Medical Corporation, Australia’s Victoria Department of Health and Human Services, Singapore’s Changi General Hospital and Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority.

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