Imams: Seek forgiveness during Ramadhan

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IMAMS yesterday preached about repenting and seeking forgiveness from Allah SWT during the fasting month of Ramadhan.

With only a few days left before Ramadhan, the imams said Muslims should not lose the opportunity to seek forgiveness from Allah SWT as repentance will be accepted from His followers.

The Friday sermon said fasting during Ramadhan is compulsory for all Muslims to fulfil the fifth pillar of Islam.

Imams said those who deliberately ignore the obligation without an acceptable reason is committing an unforgivable sin that cannot be exchanged, even if the person fasts throughout his lifetime.

Congregants were urged to rid themselves of any bad habits that may be unacceptable or would raise doubts that lead people to procrastinate from being reminded of Allah SWT.

Imams said another step in welcoming Ramadhan is to abstain from giving in to temptations by fasting.

“As human beings, we can never escape from making mistakes or committing any kind of sins, whether minor or major. Therefore it is important to cleanse ourselves by seeking forgiveness and repent,” said the sermon.

“We must be confident that if we repent to Allah SWT and in turn, Allah SWT will open the doors to blessings and accept the repentance,” it added.

The Brunei Times