Clothes drive helps some needy Tutong residents

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HUNDREDS of people were seen excitedly choosing from a variety of donated clothing and fabric items in the lobby of Hua Ho Petani Mall yesterday.

The items were donated by the public for the Bantu, Senyum dan Terima Kasih (Help, Smile and Thank You) event, with 800-1,000 pieces available in the morning session and some in the afternoon.

Organised by the Tutong District Volunteers Association (SUKA) in collaboration with the Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB) station in Tutong, the programme aims to give back to those in need and ease their burden.

Abdul Aziz Hj Hamdan, a member of SUKA, said the one-day event is part of the Programme Sumbang dan Bantu (Contribute and Help Programme) organised by SUKA in connection with International Volunteers Day, which is celebrated internationally on December 5.

“The donations were first distributed to those in need listed under the Community Development Department (JAPEM) and the Brunei Islamic Religious Council (MUIB).”

Abdul Aziz said the clothes were also distributed to special needs individuals and were available for the general public.

“People were here as early as 7am. As you can see this morning, most of the clothes are gone. Hopefully, we will receive a great response this afternoon as well,” he said.

The event was initially open to residents of Tutong district, he said, but residents of other districts were also welcomed.

He added that apart from giving back to those in need, the event also aimed to encourage recycling.

“If members of the public have clothes they don’t wear anymore, instead of throwing them away, they can just donate them to us.”

Abdul Aziz said SUKA accepts any form of clothing, from T-shirts to traditional attire such as baju kurung and baju cara melayu.

“Our members will go through the donated clothes and fabric items and clean, wash and then pack them.”

Acting Tutong District Officer Hj Adnan Hj Adam, as chairperson of SUKA, invited the public to donate to the programme.

“Let’s all donate to give back to those in need, and at the same time, we will get pahala (rewards) from Allah SWT,” he said, speaking to the media.

Members of the public who wish to donate clothing items can drop them off at Pusat Penerimaan Sumbangan at No. 18 Simpang 172, Jalan Sungai Basong of the SUKA building, which is open 24 hours.

The Brunei Times