‘Program Rakan Remaja’ entertains Menglait students

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THE principal and students of the Menglait Secondary School lauded the Information Department for the approach they took to educate the school on the national flag and national anthem.

A total of 500 students yesterday attended the programme named “Program Rakan Remaja” held at the school.

The objective of the programme is to inform youths about the current developments in the country, instil patriotism and social responsibility as well as motivate students to spread the information among their peers.

Information officer Hjh Hamsah Datu Kerna Hj Jaya gave a seminar regarding the history and background of the Brunei flag and the National Anthem.

The event was followed by performances including a musical drama, qasidah, singing and comedy act by students, local comedians and officials from the Information Department.

The event concluded with a quiz on the national flag and national anthem and a prize presentation for the participants by the guest of honour Kamaliah Hj Abdul Rahman, Secretariat of Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council, Ministry of Education.

The school’s principal and students on the sidelines of the event praised the interactive and fun approach by the department which made the programme more engaging and memorable.

“I’m very happy with the programme and their initiative to get closer to the teens as it helps them socially. This is the third time that we (the school) had this kind of learning over the years,” said Principal of Menglait Secondary School Mohidin Hj Noordin, adding that the programme has helped his students become more “well-behaved” and “respectful” through his observation over the years.

“(However, today was different and it was amazing, I couldn’t believe it because I saw (through this event and the performances) that our students have talent and the programme brought that out of them,” he added.

Meanwhile the students told The Brunei Times that the approach taken by the department was very interesting and kept them engaged in their learning especially when they were asked to participate.

“Being part of the programme was really good for me. If you include all these performances (and engage with the audience) it makes the (learning) more enjoyable. We should be doing more of (this format),” said Clinton Kane Concon.

The year 11 student was involved in guitar and sang in one of the performances during the event.

“Education should not be treated as something boring and is something that should be enjoyed. (They made) learning about the flag interesting,” said Nur Amiratusyatiqah Mumtuzah Hj Nor Amirul Emha, a year 9 student at the school. She added she had very little knowledge of the flag and national anthem before the event.

According to Acting Information Officer Eddy Iswandy Hj Ismail, the information department is looking to conduct the same programme for 10 schools throughout the year. The Menglait Secondary School was the third school in the programme.

“We modified (a pre-existing programme) and made it more fun, interesting, relaxing and harmonious. The students are the assets of the country and so we want to involve them in more activities with government agencies and learn more about them,” said Eddy.

The Brunei Times