Prepare for Ramadhan to ensure optimal gains

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PREPARATIONS prior to entering the month of Ramadhan is vital in ensuring Muslims will be able to reap the maximum benefits and rewards offered during the holy month, said an official from the Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Speaking on the sidelines of a special talk titled ‘Ahlan Ya Ramadhan’ organised by the Department of Youth and Sports (JBS) yesterday, Ustaz Yusof Hj Abdul Majid, Special Duties Officer from the ministry, said that previously there was hardly any preparation prior to entering the fasting month.

“Sometimes we can’t optimise Ramadhan because we don’t know what it really is,” said Ustaz Yusof who was the invited speaker for yesterday’s talk.

“But this year, we can see that there are many religious lectures and talks conducted even before Ramadhan for Muslims to prepare themselves for this holy month,” he said, citing the event itself as an example.

He said among the preparations needed before entering the month of Ramadhan includes aspects of spiritual, mental as well as physical as what he highlighted in his lecture.

Among these is forging a close bond to Allah SWT through eliminating sins whilst boosting up on religious deeds and prayers.

“We need to cleanse ourselves so that when we enter Ramadhan, it will be like a clean slate and our hearts will only contain goodness and we will come out better on the other end (of Ramadhan),” he told The Brunei Times.

Setting a budget for Ramadhan in an effort to have ‘extras’ for giving alms to others as well as ensuring our health in good conditions are also among the things Muslims should know and do in order to optimise Ramadhan, said Ustaz Yussof.

The religious officer went on to say that allocating the time to study and recite Al-Quran intensively in Ramadhan will also ensure many benefits for its readers.

When asked by The Brunei Times on the ways to encourage youth to do this, Ustaz Yussof said, “If we really want to optimise or maximise Ramadhan, one of the things I would like to suggest is delete the apps (in mobile phones or electronic devices) which are not necessary like the games.”

“Some might argue they have their Al-Quran in their iPads but then other distractions such as Instagram, Facebook and games are also in there.

“So focus on Ramadhan by getting rid of these distractions at least during this month of Ramadhan,” he said.

Around 100 participants attended the talk yesterday, comprising youth from Program Khidmat Bakti Belia and Pusat Pembangunan Belia as well as students from schools and higher institutions in the sultanate.

Present as the guest of honour during the event was Acting Director of JBS, Zafri Hj Mohamed.

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