Parents Teacher’s Association to improve school activities

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THE Sayyidina Abu Bakar Secondary School’s (SMSAB) Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) is looking to improve cooperation with the school to ensure that it can produce quality activities for students.

The secondary school organised an Isra’ Mikraj celebration yesterday along with a family day celebration where the chairperson of the PTA said that they would continue to make efforts to improve their relations.

“It is hoped that the PTA will strive towards working to develop our teamwork to be stronger in conducting any activities for the sake of not only the PTA but also the school body,” said Hj Johari Hj Ali Amat.

He also spoke on the importance of families for the nation where he said that the relations between parents, guardians, teachers and students along with the school was of great importance in producing a happy family.

“As we are all aware, a generation with insight can shape our country’s nation so our country will be blessed,” said the PTA chairperson.

The celebration yesterday was attended by PTA members, teachers, students and parents and was held at the SMSAB multipurpose hall.

The Brunei Times