Ample space, slots for vendors at Tamu Gadong 2

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THE Bandar Seri Begawan Municipal Department yesterday announced that the newly opened Tamu Gadong 2, which houses vendors from the previous Gadong Night Market, can accommodate 132 spots.

In a press statement issued yesterday, the department said that 100 spots measuring 10 feet by 18 feet each will be housed within the roofed area of the new Tamu, while 16 additional tents will house another 32 spots.

According to the department, 36 of the 132 spots will be for fruit and vegetable stalls, 82 will be for takeaway food and drink, and the remaining 14 will be for sale of clothes and accessories.

Business hours for the Tamu will be from 4pm to 11pm, and the space will also be used for business activities on Fridays and Sundays from 6am to 12pm, it said.

Among the facilities that have either been already prepared or will be prepared for vendors’ use include prayer rooms and public toilets for both males and females, water, sinks and electricity sockets, and regular maintenance works and hygiene monitoring by an appointed company, the department said.

In its statement, the department also said that the provision of better areas and facilities would provide a more conducive business environment for vendors, and expressed hope that vendors would safeguard the said facilities as well as the cleanliness of the area.

The new Tamu Gadong (located near the Menglait river) began operations on June 1. – Amanda Yap

The Brunei Times