Agrotechnology Park closes for renovations, development works

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THE Agrotechnology Park in Tungku will be temporarily closed off to members of the public in order to facilitate works for agriculture and agrifood development.

The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism issued a statement yesterday informing that the park will be closed from Monday, June 6 until further notice.

“The purpose of this temporary closure is to make way for further development of the said location by focusing on increasing the agriculture and agrifood output to generate the country’s economic growth,” explained the ministry in its statement.

It is expected to also spur and redouble commercial agricultural output with the use of technologies for the local market along with exports.

The safety of visitors and members of the park were taken into consideration in view of the upcoming developments, hence, it was decided that the park would be temporarily closed.

According to the statement, once the development works are completed and the park is deemed safe for members of the public, it will be reopened.

Meanwhile, the greenhouse selling flowers, plants and other supplies will remain open throughout the period.

The ministry in its statement apologises for any inconveniences the temporary closure may cause.

The Brunei Times