Compensation offered for biz loss due to power outage

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THE Department of Electrical Services (DES) yesterday announced the activation of a compensation scheme that will reimburse businesses affected by unplanned power outages.

Compensation under the scheme which was made effective as of yesterday will only be available to those experiencing unplanned power outages exceeding three hours that are categorised in the commercial sector (tariff B), for example grocery shops, supermarkets, car workshops, etc.

The department explained in a statement issued yesterday that compensation in kilo-watt-hour (kWh) will be calculated based upon the customer’s average usage per hour and will be provided in the form of either a token credit issuance for customers using prepaid meters or in the form of kWh deduction from the prevailing bill for customers using the conventional post-paid or CT meters.

Under this compensation scheme, the DES will not compensate any damages to properties, products, appliances or equipment.

Customers can process their claim through online system by completing the compensation form, from the DES official website or from any of the DES counters (during office hours). Customers will receive acknowledgement receipt of their claims via e-mail or via phone call and will receive their compensation within three working days.

For more information on the scheme, customers can call Talian Darussalam 123, any DES counters during normal working hours or download the Compensation Guidelines from the DES website.

The Brunei Times