Kampung culture loses youth appeal

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KG BEBULOH’S culture continues to fade as youths in the village are becoming disenchanted with agriculture and bamboo craftsmanship, said its village head recently.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Head of the village Hj Md Said Abdullah Tundak said there are only around four to five young people engaged in fruit farming, compared to the previous years where more youths took up agriculture as a career.

“Not many (youths) are interested in farming today, our farmers in Kampung Bebuloh are mainly made up of the elderly,” he said.

According to Hj Md Said, there are currently more than 100 youths residing in his village.

“Young people are not very much interested in agriculture because they don’t see much prospect in it, some may not see it as an active profession in the long-run, so many of our farmers are aged,” said the village head.

Hj Md Said added that the village has been engaged in agriculture for decades, adding that they supply fruits such as durians, buah tarap (Artocarpus odoratissimus) and buah tibadak (jackfruit) to Bandar.

“They (youths) don’t see farming as a job, so many opt for jobs in town, leaving the elders to do the farming,” he said.

Asked if Kampung Bebuloh plans to produce fruit chips and dried fruits, Hj Md Said said they have no concrete plans yet but noted that they are planning to build traditional houses made out of leaves and bamboos to attract more tourists is in the pipeline.

He said the village is known for its unique traditional houses handcrafted from bamboos.

“There were many before but they’re long gone now and there’s only one of the bamboo house left now,” he said.

“The kampong itself is named ‘bebuloh’ which means bamboo, we are known for having the best kind of bamboo and rattans. It’s a shame because not many people take interest or have the skills,” he said.

Hj Md Said said the traditional houses will represent the village’s cultural heritage, adding that it will be the ideal place to promote eco-tourism in Brunei.

“It is still in plans and we are waiting for funding, we are also at the same time trying to educate the younger generation about the environment our forefathers lived in,” he added.

Hj Md Said said cultural activities are also in the pipeline, such as performances showcasing the traditional music of ethnic Dusun and Bisaya who live in the village.

The Brunei Times