Better chance for sighting moon from ground level, says Survey Department

National 1 minute, 43 seconds


THE Survey Department under the Ministry of Development recently found out that moon sighting position can be conducted at the coastal area as the view is clearer on the ground level at an open site.

An official from the department Hj Khairul Abidin Hj Sulaiman told The Brunei Times recently during a briefing on the Ramadhan moon sighting at the Syariah Court, whenever the month of Ramadhan and Syawal comes, the moon sighting is usually conducted on the hills. 

“The moon sighting locations are usually at high areas such as the DST Tower at the Tungku Link Highway and Bukit Agok in Jerudong for the Brunei-Muara District, Bukit Ambok in Tutong, and Bukit Lumut in Belait.”

He said during the moon sighting for Syaaban, they found out two different results.

“Two teams were deployed to hills and coastal areas nationwide and from there we found out that the view is somehow clearer at the coastal area. We recorded using telescopes and for 22 seconds we saw new moon of Syaaban at the coastal area but no result on the hills,” he said.

Hj Khairul Abidin said that this is probably due to the position of the clouds that gather at certain areas.

“Wet weather and thick cloud are some of the common reasons that caused difficulties in sighting the moon. Cloud always gathers at one place and this can block the view of the new moon from our position at hills, but if it’s at the ground area, we can see the object behind the clouds,”

“Weather also caused the difficulty in sighting the new moon. In the afternoon usually the weather is fine, the sky is clear but after five it slowly changes especially the hills area.

The sighting of the new moon for Ramadhan 1437 Hijrah will be held on June 5, corresponding to 29th of Syaaban.

An official from the Brunei Meteorological Department, Md Affindi Hj Sabli said that on June 5, most areas in Brunei will not experiencing any wet weather condition except some inner areas in Belait.

The Brunei Times