Politeknik Brunei to continue hosting int’l symposium

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POLITEKNIK Brunei will continue to hosts an international symposium annually to provide educators with best practices and the latest knowledge for their development.

This was said yesterday by Head of Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CiTL) Dr Malai Zeiti Sheikh Abdul Hamid in an interview at the sidelines of the 2nd International Symposium on Innovative Teaching and Learning that concluded yesterday at the PAP Rashidah Sa’adatul Bolkiah Institute of Health Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

“Our focus is on the continuous professional development of the participants, in this case the participants being the lecturer, educators and the teaching staff (that attended the symposium),” she added.

According to Dr Malai Zeiti, the theme of the symposium ‘Enhancing Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies in Higher Education’ was chosen to introduce the possibility and importance of using tools and technologies innovatively for the current and future generation of students.

“In my personal opinion, to have the ability and proficiency in using Information Technology and being innovative in our ways of teaching, regardless of subjects or modules (is an) important skill (to obtain) as it is one of our coping mechanism for educators to prepare for the changes that are taking place in today’s fast paced digital world,” Dr Malai Zeiti said in her speech during the closing ceremony.

“Every year there are new technologies and tools, a new iPad, new softwares, all these are changes we know are going around the world. The same applies to teaching and the teaching profession,” Dr Malai Zeiti said during the interview. She added that teachers must adapt to the times to provide the best education.

A total of 189 participants attended the symposium including members from various educational institutions from the primary to the higher education level.

Among the participants, many have expressed that the symposium has been resourceful and informative but felt a bit short and rushed.

Fauzan Al Rashid, a teacher from Sayyidina Ali Secondary School said that the symposium touched on many interesting topics such as the recruitment process for teachers in Singapore as well as forming a lesson plan but felt that a lot of important details and information was excluded for the interest of time which disappointed him.

Harrisman Ashady Hj Ali, an education officer from Dato Mohd Yassin Primary School, said that he found and learned to use an electronic teaching tool to better manage his class during the symposium but was unable to grasp certain key concepts as the presenters of the workshops and seminar were not given enough time to fully explain them.

Dr Malai Zeiti during the interview said that she was aware of the concerns as a survey was conducted to receive feedback and time constraints was a common complaint.

To address the problem, she added that the next symposium will consider increasing the duration or provide less variety of topics but more time to explain the few in greater detail.

The Brunei Times