Cyclist hurt in collision with car at Seria Bypass

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A LOCAL cyclist who suffered a lumbar fracture in an accident on the Seria bypass last Sunday is pressing charges against the driver who collided into him.

Rustam Effendi, 32, yesterday said he was biking a trail from Lumut to Seria with his cousin past 5pm when he was allegedly struck from behind, with the impact flinging him 10 feet forward.

“We (my cousin and I) took all the safety precautions. We had our lights on, reflectors and took the left side of the road shoulder, but the driver still managed to crash into me somehow,” said Rustam, who is still recovering at Suri Seri Begawan Hospital in Kuala Belait.

Rustam, who cycles regularly for sport and exercise, said he and his cousin picked the dual carriageway as it had “plenty of room” for cyclists to share the road with other motorists.

“We normally don't cycle in areas that are very congested or too narrow to be safe, but unfortunately even with the big width of the road I was still hit. So I am making a case with the police,” he said.

Belait Cycling Club President Mohd Sufrizal Hamdan, who counts Rustam as one of its members, urged motorists to be more attentive of cyclists on the road.

“This isn't the first time (recently) that there’s been serious accidents involving cyclists. We need to learn to share the road better,” said Mohd Sufrizal.

“And the most worrying part is that boy (Rustam) was already taking all the safety precautions, but was still hit.”

Rustam expects to make a full recovery with physiotherapy.

Aside from a lumbar fracture, the 32-year-old who works at the British Garrison in Seria suffered cuts and bruises across his face, arms, shoulders and knees.

The Royal Brunei Police Force confirmed the case yesterday and are currently investigating the cause of the accident.

The driver involved in the collision was identified as a 42-year-old permanent resident.

Two cyclists reportedly died on Brunei roads last year.

The Brunei Times