Mosques becoming more vibrant with activities

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THE Mosque Affairs Department aims to ensure that all Mosque Committees in the sultanate are active in organising and holding events for their respective mosques, said an official from the department.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the Head of the Mosque Committee Division, Hj Juffle Hj Mega said that in the past two years, the division has seen an increase in the number of activities conducted in mosques all across the sultanate by their respective committees.

“Mosques all around the sultanate are starting to conduct more and more activities, even in the rural areas, people might not realise  this  (but) the increase is exponential, it’s just that most mosques don’t publicise their activities,” he said.

He attributed this increase to the rising awareness of members of the public in the importance of maintaining the liveliness of mosques as well as the importance of strengthening bonds between mosque congregants through religious activities.

“We want to keep this momentum going (and) to achieve this, we will approach mosque committees that have never conducted any activities in their mosques to help them and provide advice,” he said.

“It does not matter the frequency or the number of activities that a committee conducts, whether it is on a daily or weekly basis,” he added.

Hj Jufflee said that the most important things was that the mosque committees still have the drive to keep their mosques alive by conducting activities that engage their congregants and community.

“They can conduct religious activities that are aimed at any demographic of their respective communities whether it's a dikir for their community’s youth association or women’s association,” he added.

Hj Juffle went on to say that there are officials from the Mosque Committe Division in each district that monitors and keeps track of which mosque committees are active and which ones are not.

“The main role of the division is to help the Mosque Committees (Takmir) in the sultanate, and should any committees find any difficult in coming up with activities, then they can contact us and we will definitely help them,” said Hj Juffle.

The Brunei Times