Over 50 join Industry Business Academy’s first two sessions

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THE Industry Business Academy (IBA) under Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) kickstarted its first and second sessions on Thursday and Friday, where over 50 people had attended.

According to DARe’s representative, both sessions were facilitated by DARe as these were introductory IBA sessions.

The representative said they shared information on IBA, what modules will be provided under the IBA and what the forecasted schedule over the next six months.

Currently, DARe is also in discussion with a number of facilitators to confirm on schedules.

The representative added the two sessions have allowed DARe to collect more information on the individuals, companies and their backgrounds, and on what modules they are interested in.

Those interested to sign up as a participant or as a facilitator in the IBA programme can express interest to DARe’s hotline +6738363442 or email dare@ei.gov.bn.

The IBA is a development and learning programme for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) under DARe.

A previous report stated the overall aim of the programme is to develop more sustainable businesses by strengthening the fundamental knowledge of how to start, run and grow a business.

The IBA programme will be categorised in three SME maturity levels: IBA Level 1 for startups and micro SMEs; IBA Level 2 for SMEs and IBA Level 3 for established companies.

For all levels of IBA, a set of modules will be taught and are categorised in two parts which are the general curriculum and special topics.

General curriculum will provide a general overview on starting a business for IBA Level 1, running a business for IBA Level 2 and expanding a business for IBA Level 3.

Some of the modules that will be taught in the upcoming weeks include writing a business plan, getting financing and entering overseas markets, among others.

Special topics will elaborate on business opportunities in different industry sectors, and the regulations and policies surrounding respective industries such as construction, food and ICT, among others.

DARe is a statutory body that looks to nurture and support local enterprises with the aim of fostering their growth in order to enable them to contribute to the sultanate’s gross domestic product.

DARe develops local enterprises by assisting in capacity building, facilitating access to funding, access to international markets as well as providing industrial spaces for SMEs to grow.

The Brunei Times