Local man gets 12-month jail for stealing handbag

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A THIRY-FIVE-year-old local man was sentenced to serve 12 months in jail yesterday for stealing a handbag while the owner was getting him a glass of water.

Surhidi Wahab stole the handbag from a house in Kg Penanjong on March 12 this year when the complainant went to kitchen after the defendant asked for a drink.

Earlier on, Surhidi had a conversation with complainant when he approached her while she was outside of the premises.

While the complainant was away, Surhidi used this opportunity to enter the house and found a brown Louis Vuitton handbag in the living room. The defendant then took the handbag before leaving the premises immediately. The complainant lodged a police report upon realising that her handbag was missing. The handbag contained $1,500 worth of local and foreign currencies along with some personal documents and belongings.

Surhidi was arrested on the same day after police investigation led to the recovery of the complainant’s handbag at the defendant’s home at Kg Menengah Lamunin in Tutong.

During the investigation, Surhidi admitted that when found the $1,000 in the handbag, which he used it for buying repair parts for his car and recharging cards.

The defendant gave some of the money to his parents. The police were able to recover $467 from them. The police further found another $31 inside the defendant’s car along with the remaining stolen items.

Following the proceedings yesterday, the presiding magistrate Dewi Norlelawati Hj Abd Hamid ordered Surhidi to serve the imprisonment term with effect from May 24, when the defendant was first remanded.

The Brunei Times