Intermediate court to hear house trespass case

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AN INTERMEDIATE Court is scheduled to hear the case of a man accused of house trespass and assaulting its tenant after prosecution yesterday had the case remitted.

A court document filed by prosecuting officer Vuina Song accused Jefuraji Latip of house trespass with the intention to commit theft in the home of 27-year-old Bayejid Midah, whom the 35-year-old was also accused of slapping him in the face.

The penalty for house trespass with intention to commit theft carries an imprisonment term of up to 10 years in jail; while the charge for assault is an imprisonment term of up to three years and an unspecified amount in fines.

During the proceedings yesterday, Jefuraji sought for his release on court bail for at least half a day to spend time with his family. The court however denied the application as the bail hearing is now under the jurisdiction of the Intermediate Court.

Additionally, the prosecution had earlier objected to defendant’s release on bail as Jefuraji has the “propensity to re-offend” since he had breached his bail conditions in another case. At the end of the proceedings yesterday, Jefuraji was ordered to be further remanded at Jerudong Prison pending further mention of the case on June 11.

The Brunei Times