‘Islam promotes defence’

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THE role of the armed forces in Islam shouldn’t be to promote invasion or oppression but for national defence against threats, imams said in the Friday sermon.

Imams said the task of protecting the nation and religion brings enormous rewards from Allah SWT.

Those who die in the line of duty will be awarded accordingly by Allah SWT, they said.

The sermon also stressed that Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and detests hostility.

“Peacefulness, tranquility and stability of life for all citizens are the hopes and aspirations of any nation, be it big or small, Muslim or non-Muslim, and all of them have hopes for peace and harmony,” said imams.

There are misconceptions and accusations that Islam is propagated through violence and cruelty through the promotion of wars, they said, adding that it is imperative to be fully aware of and understand the core principle of war from the Islamic perspective.

“The actual principle and concept in Islam regarding ‘war’ is that war must not happen or be triggered without being supported by any specific reasons – for example, as an act of self-defence against intruders or against violence and cruelty as well as to uphold justice,” imams said.

Imams added that Islam also prohibits the objective of engaging in war to extend power, influence or for colonial invasion, including committing acts of vengeance which lead to enmity, demolition and destruction.

“Jihad is only approved in Islam if Muslims are under attack and are treated cruelly, such as being driven out of their homeland by force or through the invasion of holy places such as mosques.

“Furthermore, Islam has set clear limits which must be obeyed and followed in times of war. If the enemy agrees to call a ceasefire, then it is obligatory for Muslims to stop fighting,” they said.

Imams said this is because Muslims are instructed not to violate people’s rights, as war is not the ‘way of life’ for Muslims.

“In fact, war is the last resort to be taken when no solution is available or met,” the sermon underscored.

Islam is a peaceful religion and requires its followers to strive towards maintaining a peace-loving society regardless of religion, race or nationality, as long as Islam is being honoured and Muslims are free from harm and violations.

Allah SWT has stated this clearly in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 190 as follows:

“And fight for the sake of (establishing and protecting the religion of) Allah those who fight against you, but do not commit aggression (by initiating the fight), for Allah does not love the aggressors.”

The Brunei Times