IBTE plans to expand its student intake

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THE Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) is planning to take in larger intakes of students following the restructuring of its seven campuses into two networks of schools.

Dr Sheikh Lukman Sheikh Abdul Hamid, principal of IBTE Central, said the improved management of schools resulting from the establishment of networks will enable the institute to admit a higher number of applicants in the near future once the sufficient resources are in place.

“We’d be able to technically take in more students in terms of grouping, but it’s still under our planning stage,” he said in a press conference at the IBTE Headquarters on Thursday.

He said plans to accept more applicants into the nine schools across its seven campuses nationwide were in line with IBTE’s transformation strategy to boost the appeal of technical education and rebrand the institute as an alternative career pathway.

Since IBTE made sweeping changes in 2014, he observed a high increase in the number of students applying to the institute annually.

The principal said the formation of IBTE Central and IBTE Satellite on Thursday will also pave the way for more collaboration between campuses as students and teachers will soon have access to all seven campuses for the first time. The restructured networks will be fully implemented by July.

Although the schools were grouped under IBTE, he said they were previously operating separately, leading to “difficulties in trying to share resources”.

“Now, any of our students or instructors can share resources among any of the campuses, which has never been done before. So that’s the big difference,” he said, adding instructors will be allowed to teach a particular subject at other campuses when necessary.

Meanwhile, students will have the freedom to take modules at different IBTE campuses under the same head of school.

“For example, we have a school of ICT located at three separate campuses both in IBTE Central and IBTE Satellite. Now, ICT students at IBTE can study across any of these campuses for their modules because their instructors are under the same management,” he said.

Norjemee Jenek, principal of IBTE Satellite, said the restructuring will enable IBTE to utilise its resources more effectively and efficiently.

“Previously, programmes were scattered across the campuses. But now we’ve put one head of school looking after the same programme,” he said, reiterating that the institute is targeting larger intakes of students in the near future.

Through IBTE’s transformation efforts, Corporate Affairs Divisional Director Hj Mohd Fadzillah Hj Abdullah said they will continue to portray a positive image of technical education.

“Sometimes the public thinks one school is better than the other.

“Through this rebranding, we hope they will see these schools as one under the IBTE umbrella,” he said, assuring the public that all schools at the institute offer the same level of courses.

The Brunei Times