Fisheries sector offers career opening for youth

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LOCALS should consider the possibility of pursuing a career in the fisheries sector considering the enormous opportunities available, according to a fisheries officer.

Speaking on the sidelines of the department of fisheries’ ongoing mini-carnival, Hjh Zuliza Hj Jolkifli, who is also the assistant secretariat committee member of the mini-carnival, said that many people may not be aware of the opportunities this sector offers.

“We hope to see a trend in people joining this industry. All the operators involved in the fisheries industry are participating in the mini-carnival. People may think that this is something only seniors would pursue but there are quite a notable number of youths here,” said Hjh Zuliza.

She said that it would be a good platform for locals to see how the fisheries industry functions, especially in terms of the creativity of the local businesses that are a part of it.

“Hopefully it will be something that can interest them to be involved in this industry. It is a venue for creativity, for example, this can be seen through the seafood processing sectors, for example, crackers. There are so many varieties available in different flavours and packaging ,” she said.

“The creativity of our locals really shines through this. You can see that they are truly trying to be more involved,” she added.

She hoped that the mini-carnival would act as an eye-opener to the public especially for them to know that the fisheries industry is “not only about fishermen”, noting that there are other sectors which work in tandem with it.

According to a previous report, the acting deputy director of the department of fisheries, Brunei has the potential to earn over $2 billion from aquaculture by the year 2035.

Ranimah Hj Abdul Wahab had said that some companies from the Aquaculture Industrial Site produced up to 214 tonnes of Rostris prawns and seven tonnes of fish in 2015.

The Brunei Times