Training courses for tour guides to be introduced soon

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IN A bid to enhance the quality of Brunei’s tourism industry, a local business college together with the tourism ministry is set to introduce specialised training courses for the nation’s tourist guides.

The Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) in collaboration with Laksmana College of Business (LCB), said the minister, has high hopes that the training courses will enhance the quality of tour guides in Brunei in line with the developing tourism industry.

“The courses and their syllabuses are endorsed by us (the ministry), and we agreed that these are the courses that are good enough for the basic knowledge on (being) a tour guide.”

Aside from being certified, qualified and reliable, said the minister, tour guides operating in the country must be equipped with the proper knowledge and basic training that is required of them.

This includes existing individual operators and those hired by travel agents. They too need to send their staff for proper training and certification from the ministry.

He also highlighted that the project is the first among many more to come between the ministry and the institution that will foster the growth of the tourism industry in the sultanate.

“The college is quite well known for their hospitality programme and we thought it’s good that we do some collaboration with their (LCB) courses so we can align them with the strategy in developing tourism in Brunei.”

Simon Keenan, LCB Head of Business and Hospitality told The Brunei Times that the courses will be divided into two, the ‘bridging course’ for existing tour guides and a full course for new and upcoming tour guides which will take approximately 40 hours and 150 hours respectively.

“We are trying to get everyone to the right standard and upon completion, they would be licensed to be a tour guide.”

He added that the courses will comprise teaching classes and lectures from both LCB and the ministry and is slated to commence sometime between July and August this year.

Roger Rajah, an international trainer of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) for South and East Asia said that the main target for conducting such courses is producing “high-quality and world class tour guides” in Brunei.

“Our modules are based on the WTFGA’s training so tour guides in Brunei would be on par with those from other countries in the world, and equipped with high level of professionalism,” said Roger, who will be among the facilitators of the tour guide training course.

“The tour guides are like ‘ambassador’s for the country and they need to know their products,” said Roger.

The Brunei Times