’MIB not a choice but gift from Allah SWT’

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THE Malay Islamic Monarchy philosophy is not a choice but a gift from Allah SWT and we as Bruneians have a responsibility to preserve and protect as well as practice and pass down this gift to our future generations, said the former religious affairs minister yesterday.

During his talk entitled ‘Penerapan Falsafah Melayu Islam Beraja’ (Practicing the Malay Islamic Monarchy Philosophy), former religious affairs minister, Pg Dato Seri Setia Dr Hj Mohammad Pg Hj Abd Rahman urged soon-to-be graduates of the Seri Begawan Religious Teachers College (KUPU SB) to fully understand the MIB philosophy, and understand its role in bringing stability, harmony and prosperity to the country.

The talk was held as part of the ‘Program Kemantapan Aqidah dan Kerohanian’ (Spiritual Faith Strengthening Program) organised by the University College for its soon to be graduates who will be completing their studies this year.

Moreover, he told the students, the philosophy represents Brunei Darussalam’s unique identity and without it “we will not be able to be recognised by the world.”

He added that the MIB philosophy is well suited to the country as it has withstood the test of time since the coming of Islam to the country more than five centuries ago.

“Since then, this philosophy has not changed, and has brought pride, stability, peace and prosperity as well as unity to the country,” he said.

The MIB philosophy, Pg Dato Dr Hj Mohammad said contains a number of specific and unique ingredients which must be protected and looked after so as to not go against the Islamic faith and Syariah (Islamic Law).

The concept of ‘Malay’, he said, includes the Malay language, customs, clothing, the arts, culture as well as Jawi and romanised writing.

For ‘Islam’, he said, the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah (Prophetic traditions), and the Syafi’e sect followed by all Muslims in the country, ensures that the country is able to maintain and strengthen an understanding of pure Islam.

“It can also help to deflect any deviant teachings that are against (Islamic) teachings,” he added.

Meanwhile the ‘Beraja’ or ‘Monarchy’ concept, includes the concept of loyalty to the ruler, except that which goes against the teachings of the Islamic faith and Syariah.

“It also includes the concept of justice, unity, goodwill and respect for others,” he said.

Before ending his speech, the former minister advised the soon to be graduates to not forget their religious obligations and refrain from what is forbidden in Islam.

He also encouraged them to mix with society and contribute as much as possible in terms of ideas, time and energy as well as material contributions.

He also reminded them to never stop learning and always self reflect and improve on the practical aspects of Islam.

Lastly, he reminded them to always guard their character and maintain society’s trust with a good image. Also attending the talk was the Assistant Ra’es of KUPU SB, Dr Abang Hj Hadzmin Abang Hj Taha, who is also the chairman of the program as well as faculty deans, centre directors, the acting registrar and program participants.

The Brunei Times