IBTE restructures school networks

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THE Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) yesterday announced the formation of two networks of schools to better manage its campuses nationwide.

Dubbed IBTE Central and IBTE Satellite, the restructured networks will be fully implemented by July in a move that will enable the students and teachers to utilise resources across its seven campuses for the first time.

“The establishment of the two networks of schools is intended to provide an effective and efficient management system for the campuses under IBTE,” said the principal of IBTE Central.

Apart from the sharing of facilities, infrastructure and human resources, Dr Sheikh Lukman Sheikh Abdul Hamid added the two networks will provide an efficient approach in handling IBTE’s operational costs, regulating its expenditures as well as achieving economies of scale.

“(It) also recognises the advancement in effective and consistent teaching and learning across the schools based on the agreed benchmark and best practices,” he said in a press conference.

Following talks between key members of IBTE’s management team and staff, he said a proposal was put forward to group the seven campuses into two networks of schools that are further divided into nine schools by clusters of specialisation.

The clusters are also grouped by district with IBTE Central handling most campuses in Brunei-Muara and IBTE Satellite running campuses in Belait as well as a campus in Brunei-Muara.

IBTE Sultan Saiful Rijal Campus, IBTE Nakhoda Ragam Campus, IBTE Business Campus and IBTE Mechanical Campus will be administered and under the purview of Dr Sheikh Lukman while IBTE Jefri Bolkiah Campus, IBTE Sultan Bolkiah Campus and IBTE Agro-Technology Campus will be part of the IBTE Satellite under Principal Norjemee Jenek.

Speaking to local media at the IBTE Headquarters, Norjemee said the principals will be assisted by academic managers who have been tasked to help out in the planning, managing, implementing and evaluating of academic progress in their respective campuses.

He added operations managers will provide support to the principals of both IBTE Central and IBTE Satellite in terms of campus and school administration.

“Both academic managers and operations managers also work closely with the heads of schools to manage matters related to logistics and the welfare of teachers, staff and students in the campuses,” Norjemee said.

The network of schools will have their respective heads.

He said the heads of schools are responsible for planning, managing, implementing and evaluating the curriculum and teaching deliveries of the schools which conduct the programmes and courses offered by IBTE.

They will handle the operations of the schools including academic affairs as well as the welfare of teaching staff and students.

The press conference also saw the unveiling of IBTE’s new logo, which will replace existing logos previously used by the institute.

IBTE schools will now use the official logo for all matters including correspondence, publication, signage, products and events.

The Brunei Times