‘Student absenteeism continues to be a problem’

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A SENIOR school official is urging parents to ensure that their children attend school, as student absenteeism continues to be a problem.

Hjh Limah Hj Lusin, assistant headmaster at Katimahar Primary School, told The Brunei Times that despite the school’s initiatives to reduce absenteeism by alerting parents by phone, the issue persists.

Hjh Limah said parents need to be more accountable in ensuring their children are educated and maintain a good attendance record.

According to Hjh Limah, there are 283 students registered at Katimahar Primary School, with at least 10 students absent every day.

While the number of absent students is still “under control, she said parents need to work closely with school officials in tackling the issue.

As part of the school’s initiative to reduce absenteeism among students, she said a school official will alert parents and visit their home if the student’s attendance hasn’t improved over time.

“There have often been cases where parents have been alerted about their child’s poor attendance and they still don’t show up at school,” she said.

Hjh Limah said parents will be contacted and a reminder in writing will be issued for those who are absent for three days periodically from school.

She said parents play a major role in the academic performance of their children, and their involvement and support in education should not be taken lightly.

“Parents should really look into this matter seriously. We can only do so much to help,” she said, adding that students who regularly miss school will cause a disruption to their education.

She said there were some instances where students were retained for failing to meet the 80 per cent attendance requirement.

Hjh Limah said transportation issues are one of the most common reasons parents give when the school contacts them to find out why their child is absent.

“Sometimes when we call, they (parents) say they don’t have transport or have car problems,” she said, adding that oversleeping is another common reason for students to miss school.

She said poor attendance not only affects the student’s potential for learning, but students may not be able to cope in examinations and discipline.

The Brunei Times