PB inaugurates IET student group

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POLITEKNIK Brunei (PB) yesterday marked another milestone with the establishment of its Student on Campus Group under the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), allowing greater access to a worldwide online engineering database for its students.

The official inauguration, said IET Brunei chairperson Simon Leong Kian Ann, gives Politeknik Brunei the potential to expand further with the IET as Politeknik Brunei students can now learn from a wide range of engineering works from around the world.

The inauguration took place at Politeknik Brunei’s School of Engineering and Technology in Lumut, with its acting director, Denis Ho Mun Tai, signing a plaque.

“Among what they can do is also get consultations from other IET members, especially if they want to conduct some projects or programmes, as our members have had quite a lot of experience from various trials and errors (in research).

“By doing so, students will be able to do well in running their own programmes and projects in which they may also devise new methods or solutions to problems that may also be faced by other engineers around the world,” he said.

Leong said learning opportunities for IET members are not restricted to accessing the database and consultations with other members, as having an IET Student Group may allow the students access to places that may be restricted to the public for in-depth studies.

He gave an example where students under the IET chapter were allowed access to the Berakas Power Station for a visit and also some military facilities belonging to the Royal Brunei Armed Forces.

By having such access, he said students may have a better idea of what the engineering field looks like in real life, so they will be better prepared to join the workforce once they graduate.

Leong said being a member of the IET will also give students better chances of getting hired if they are actively networking with other IET members around the world.

“So it’s possible that their potential employers may be people they’ve consulted with and were satisfied with their projects.

“And in this, it gives the students a better chance to prepare for employment, which should be done at the start of your studies and not when you’ve completed your course,” he added.

With the establishment of the student group, Leong hoped its members would also be able to attract new members, not only for the growth of IET and Politeknik Brunei but also for the whole engineering and technology field in Brunei.

Similar to Universiti Teknologi Brunei’s IET student chapter, members of Politeknik Brunei’s IET Student on Campus Group are also Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical ambassadors who encourage schoolchildren to become interested in subjects leading to engineering and technology studies.

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