Look to past inventions for inspiration

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PROSPECTIVE participants for the Crown Prince Creative, Innovative Products and Technological Advancement (CIPTA) 2017 should study the inventions made by previous participants to give better ideas for the upcoming award.

This, said Zanidi Hj Abd Hamid, a member of the CIPTA 2017 technical committee, is important as ideas that could address the constraints of the previous inventions may also give an edge for prospective participants in vying for the CIPTA 2017 award.

“And in order to do this, the participants are encouraged to approach the secretariat and ask for guidance on how to better arrange and present their ideas,” he said.

“The secretariat will always be willing to give them the necessary consultation and measures, especially those that we had also discovered in the past inventions, especially the winning ones,” he added.

Despite expecting new inventions, he said the committee will still allow participants to modify previous inventions, given that there will be strong improvements on the devices or machineries, that may help boost its usefulness to the community.

“And it is also in our hope to see that the ideas presented this year are of quality, especially those that are innovative enough to help us sustain our economy; considering its marketability and cost-effectiveness to be manufactured,” he said.

Co-head of the technical committee Dr Nor Zainah Hj Siau added that the strengths of the ideas to be presented will also be reflected in its preliminary description, which will also be restricted to only 250 words.

A precise description within that limit, she said, will convince the committee that the ideas presented are ones that have the potential to work, and effectively implemented.

Meanwhile, she also said that the CIPTA 2017 will no longer accept any software inventions and will strictly look only into hardware devices, as the former already have the Brunei ICT Award (BICTA), a better platform for competition.

The Smart Junior Competition is also once again open to lower secondary school students – Year Seven to Nine in a bid to promote creativity and innovation amongst the younger generation. There will also be two ASEAN categories included for CIPTA 2017 – the New Invention and Innovation Category for all individuals and teams in Science, Technology and Engineering Field; and the Young Inventor Category for upper secondary students. The winner of the New Invention and Innovation Category will also be eligible to compete with the winners in the local categories one and two for the Crown Prince Special Award grand prize of $8,000 and a trophy.

Additionally, the deadline for registration to participate in CIPTA 2017 falls on October 31, 2016, while the awarding ceremony is slated to be sometime in April next year.

The Brunei Times