Take sexual harassment online survey, public urged

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THE Women Graduates Association of Brunei Darussalam (PSW) is calling for more individuals from the private sector to participate in an online survey on sexual harassment in the workplace.

PSW President Pg Hjh Zabaidah Pg Hj Kamaluddin said the organisation has decided to extend the deadline for submissions until August due to the overwhelming response received from the public.

“Most of the response has been from women in the government sector and we need wider participation from the private sector,” she said yesterday. Initial findings show that 67 per cent of respondents were from the government sector, while 28 per cent were from private sector, and the remaining four per cent were from unspecified areas. The online survey was launched on March 8, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, to assess the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace.

“The first time an open survey like this on sexual harassment has been done in Brunei,” said Pg Zabaidah.

“We hope by doing an online survey women are going to be comfortable relaying their experiences.”

The survey will collect basic information on the respondents before moving on to questions on the definition, understanding and awareness of sexual harassment. The survey will also probe the types of sexual harassment experienced by respondents, as well as any action taken in specific incidents. Once all the data is collated, the PSW will study whether there are sufficient and systematic mechanisms in place to deal with sexual harassment claims, said Pg Zabaidah. Brunei does not have specific legislation addressing sexual harrassment, but does have extensive provisions on sexual offences in the Penal Code.

So far the survey has received more than 150 submissions, but the PSW is encouraging more people to fill out the survey at http://goo.gl/forms/iVWa25ytbJ in order to broaden the sample size.

The Brunei Times