Preserve Malay language by living the culture

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PRESERVATION of the Malay language should not fully depend on its daily use.

Inculcating its cultural value into society as well as promoting it on the international arena should also play a factor in its preservation, said the Acting Deputy Director of the Language and Literature Bureau (DBP) yesterday.

During the opening ceremony of the Compilation of Terminology Dictionary workshop that was held at the Language and Literature Bureau in Berakas, Hjh Sariani Hj Ishak emphasised on the need for Malay society to practise the culture of its race in order to preserve it.

“The abundance of terms or glossary in Malay language is useless if society fails to utilise it in its practice of culture,” she said.

According to the world statistics, more than 400 million people speak Malay and the language stands at number four of worldwide spoken languages after Mandarin, English and Urdu.

“However, this ranking doesn’t guarantee the continuation of the language in future.

“It depends on the awareness of the society to use it, practise the culture and promote it to an international level,” she said.

She went on to say that the rapid and competitive development in today’s world has brought along an unstoppable variety of transformation including in the fields of writing, be it in the areas of academic, entertainment, politics or even science.

“The field of writing plays a vital role in our lives especially in the context of the community, families, socialisation as well as the nation.

“Many benefits can be gained from writing including being able to change the reflective pattern of negative thinking towards national vision and civilisation,” she said.

Currently, DBP has produced 142 glossaries of terminological dictionary and more than 200,000 terms entries in various fields.

“All terms/terminology had been standardised with better wordings and this is agreed by three other countries under the Language Council of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia (MABBIM),” said the Acting Deputy Director.

She hoped that the workshop as well as the effort in continuing the bookkeeping will be developed into the specialised dictionary so that it will benefit the society as a whole.

More than 36 government officials and students from various departments and academic institutions participated in the workshop facilitated by Dr Hasnah Mohamad who is an invited Senior Lecturer from Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

The workshop, held over the next three days, aims to expose participants to the right procedures on formatting the terminological dictionary

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