Possession of drug utensil earns man $900 penalty

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A LOCAL man was fined $900 yesterday by the Kuala Belait Magistrates’ Court for possession of paraphernalia to consume methylamphetamine at the Sg Tujoh border two years ago.

Mohammad Shah Ridzuan Naruddin, 26, was found with a suspicious glass tube in his bag after Narcotics Control Bureau officers stopped and searched the defendant’s car before he crossed the border shortly past 6am on February 27, 2014.

The tube was later sent to the Department of Scientific Services and was found with traces of the Class A drug methylamphetamine.

The defendant, who is unemployed and single, was given a month to pay the fine in full, or should serve one month in jail. Possession of utensils to consume controlled drugs comes with a maximum sentence of three years in jail and a $10,000 fine.

In a separate case yesterday, the Kuala Belait Magistrate called for customs officers to look further into the case of a Permanent Resident (PR) who was found with 109 bottles of wine and hard liquor at his house.

After being read his charge, the PR claimed that 20 of the 109 bottles were brought in many years ago legally through declaration by him and his relatives.

In response, the prosecuting customs officer pointed to the PR's recorded statement acknowledging the 109 bottles as untaxed.

However the presiding magistrate said the PR's most recent claim should be further investigated and ordered for the case to be mentioned again on Thursday.

The penalty for possession of unexcised goods is a fine between six to 20 time the dutiable amount.

The Brunei Times