MoE official warns against leaking classified information

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A MINISTRY of Education (MoE) official has issued a warning to all civil servants against disclosing classified information or they risk facing disciplinary action.

Acting Director of Administration and Services at MoE Pg Hj Rosli Pg Hj Halus said civil servants must abide by all rules stated in the Official Secrets Act, including maintaining confidential information.

“Excellence in an organisation or department depends on the values of its staff. This is because they are an asset and have significant roles in the implementation of any plans proposed by the top management,” he said.

The acting director was speaking at the opening ceremony of the four-day induction programme for MoE’s new daily paid staff at Sekolah Tinggi Perempuan Raja Isteri (STPRI) yesterday.

A total of 172 MoE staff are taking part in the induction programme.

Organised by the ministry’s Department of Administration and Services, the programme aims to equip participants with knowledge on work regulations and procedures in executing their duties.

The programme is also part of an ongoing effort to increase the staff’s knowledge and skills, to update them in line with the needs and functions of the departments that they will be serving in.

The programme provides a basic introduction on the organisation and role of the Department of Administration and Services, as well as promote good work ethics and safety in the workplace.

Pg Hj Rosli hoped the participants will be become assets to their organisations and possess integrity and the vision to succeed.

“We are aware that this department offers services to our stakeholders. Therefore, we must always be ready and continue to improve our services,” he added.

The Brunei Times