‘Keep tabs on human behaviour for safer workplace’

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CHANGING one’s behaviour towards safety is the most important factor in ensuring workplace accidents are kept to a minimum in Brunei, said a visiting instructor.

Keith Rhodes, a consultant lecturer from Asia’s largest health and safety training provider KBA Trading Pte Ltd, said advancements in safety technology can always be cancelled out by human error in judgement.

“In a lot of instances, procedures such as how to safely operate machines or whatever, it has gone nearly as far as it can go and a research by the UK Health and Safety Executive estimated that around 80 per cent of accidents involved some form of behavioural factor,” he said.

“This means the way people do things are affected by their behaviour such as someone taking off some protective equipment in order for him to do that job much quicker,” he said.

Rhodes was speaking during a seminar on workplace safety organised by the Brunei Association of Surveyors, Engineers and Architects (PUJA).

He said even though it is human nature to find an easier way of getting the job done, education and quality training can rectify that.

Citing an increasingly diverse workplace in Brunei, Rhodes said reducing behaviour-induced incidents is not only for the purpose of limiting the risk of injury to an individual, but also setting an example to others.

“Now that people from many countries and cultures are working together here, everybody needs to be working the same way and one of the ways that influence the outcome of that is the fact that people will look at their fellow colleagues in the way they work,” he said.

For example, if a youngster joins a company in Brunei and saw his new colleagues not wearing their protective equipment, the youngster will carry on believing that he does not have to wear it as well,” he said.

Rhodes conducted a seminar titled Behavioural Safety Management at the Ministry of Development Training Centre in Berakas yesterday.

The full-day seminar saw 110 students and professionals in attendance.

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