Brunei victims urged to lodge report on Malaysia forex scam

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THE Selangor police have urged Bruneians who fell prey to a recent foreign exchange investment scam in Malaysia to assist in their investigations.

In a phone interview yesterday, Chief of Selangor Commercial Crime Investigation Department ACP Mohd Sakri Ariffin said the initial investigation has found that Bruneians had invested in the scheme via and

“We cannot be certain of the number of Bruneians who are actually victimised by this case, but if there are any, we are asking their cooperation to lodge a report to us,” he said.

He added that the Selangor police are still investigating the five men suspected of cheating people’s money in the foreign exchange investment scheme.

“As of now, we only have information from the local (Malaysian) victim who reported about this crime and we are asking others who fell victim to this case to come forward and assist us in our investigation.

“Sometimes they (investors) do not even realise they are being cheated as scammers usually continue to give excuses of having ‘delays’ in making payments or bonuses to their investors,” he continued.

ACP Mohd Sakri said if the case is related to any reports filed in Brunei, the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) can expect to receive assistance from the Selangor Police.

When contacted yesterday, the RBPF could not comment at press time.

ACP Mohd Sakri said Malaysia’s Anti-Money Laundering Section is also involved in the investigations to determine the trail of the scammed money, which is believed to be valued at over RM5 million.

A Bruneian foreign exchange trader in Forex, Haslina@Paris Mustafa Kamal, said she fell victim to a different foreign exchange investment scam in Brunei earlier this year. “The person was posing as a trader and took more than $1,000 of our investment money,” she said, adding that the money belonged to her and her three friends.

Speaking on the two websites mentioned by the Selangor Police, Paris noted that they are less popular among Bruneian traders and investors. “From what I know, the main ones that are used (in Brunei) are XM and Effex Choice,” said Paris, adding that these are trusted agencies.

She said members of the public should not generalise all types of foreign exchange trading as just another scam.

“In Brunei, there is this misconception that forex is all about money scamming, when it’s not.

“People just need to understand that in forex, there are risks, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose,” she added.

Paris went on to say that people should always do research on the brokers and traders they are dealing with before they decide to invest.

She added that awareness on forex trading is also crucial for Bruneians to understand what it entails.

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