S’pore Malay language teachers keen to learn from Brunei

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AN EIGHTEEN-member delegation from Singapore’s Ministry of Education yesterday visited the Department of Curriculum Development uncer the Ministry of Education’s (MoE), to learn and discuss ways on how to enhance teaching methodologies of Malay language.

The head of delegation, Siti Faridah Omar told The Brunei Times that the 10-day joint working group visit to the sultanate is an opportunity for the Singapore Malay Language teachers to exchange ideas and learn from local teachers.

She said the visiting primary school teachers will use the opportunity to enhance their teaching skills in class.

“We want to bring back the knowledge to Singapore as a step to increase the values of teaching (the Malay language). We want to network with teachers here to have more teaching materials as it will add value to the Malay language,” she said.

Siti Faridah, who is also a specialist teacher at the Malay Language Centre of Singapore, said the teachers will be visiting various schools including Mabohai Primary School, Datu Ratna Haji Muhd Jaafar Primary School, Kg Mata-Mata Primary School and Pintu Malim Primary School.

During the school visits, the head of the delegation said the teachers will also have the opportunity to teach in the classes as it will help them understand the Malay Language curriculum in Brunei.

“One of the objectives is to learn from Brunei, at the same time, deepen our knowledge of the values and cooperation,” she said.

She added that the teachers are also interested to see the Malay Muslim Monarchy (MIB) concept’s role in teaching the Malay Language to the Bruneian students.

Siti Faridah went on to say that the teachers from Singapore also brought their work to Brunei, which they can share with the Brunei Malay Language teachers.

During the visit, the Director of Curriculum Development Department Hj Rahman Hj Nawi was present to welcome the delegation to the ministry.

Hj Rahman said the visit is aimed to prove the opportunity to the teachers to increase and exchange their knowledge and experience.

He said the teachers will be able to share their knowledge and skills on pedagogy, curriculum, assessment, teaching and learning activities in Brunei. He said the shared knowledge and experience can be used to develop the Malay language education in Singapore.

The Singaporean teachers will also be visiting the Language and Literature Bureau, Brunei Darussalam Teachers Academy and Universiti Brunei Darussalam.

The Brunei Times