Pungent leak stinks up new school

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STUDENTS and parents at Pengiran Anak Puteri (PAP) Masna Secondary School at Sg Akar yesterday expressed dissatisfaction over the unsanitary conditions in one section of the school.

When The Brunei Times visited the school yesterday, there appeared to be liquid leakage on some part of the road located near the main entrance of the school, which was accompanied by a pungent stench similar to sewage.

One parent, who declined to be named, said that he was not sure when the leak first started, but that he had been alerted about it through repeated complaints from his daughter, who is a student at the school.

“I have been there (to the leak site) myself, and at first, I thought it was just water, but it smells so bad that it seems more like a sewage leak.

“It is a (relatively) new building – less than three years old – so, how can it be like this? It’s considered unsafe and unfit for the students,” he said.

Another student, who also opted for anonymity, said that she had been trying her best to avoid the area because of the smell.

Although she could not recall when the leak started exactly, she said she began noticing the smell earlier this week, adding that she and her classmates had made complaints to their teachers about the situation.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education (MoE) said that they would look into the matter as soon as possible.

“We have alerted the (MoE) Department of Planning and Estate Management, as well as the Director of the Department of Schools.

“It is hoped that they will take action (towards the issue) soon,” he said.

PAP Masna Secondary students were first relocated temporarily to this school building at Sungai Akar in January.

The school’s previous location in Berakas was deemed unsafe in October 2015, following which students were moved out of the building to undergo repair works.

Construction of the Sg Akar school building was completed in 2013.

The Brunei Times