Roadshow promotes Brunei’s past

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THE Brunei History Centre held a roadshow yesterday at Katimahar Primary School in a bid to raise awareness on Bruneian history and culture.

In an interview with The Brunei Times, Azwan Kampong, an officer at the history centre under its exhibition services, said the roadshow is an initiative aimed at primary students to remind them about Brunei’s ‘forgotten’ past.

“The exhibition of Brunei’s past is essential for ‘rooting’ students in time,” he said.

In its ongoing efforts to get the younger generation interested in its publications and research, the Brunei History Centre launched its ‘moving exhibition’ where it is making the rounds at schools across the sultanate to educate students on Bruneian history.

Over 200 primary school children and teachers listened to a briefing on the print and electronic publications yesterday before touring booths which featured records of the royal family tree and a photo gallery of Brunei’s past.

Azwan said the exhibition began on May 16 and has already visited five schools, including Sekolah Rendah Panglima Barudin in Limau Manis, Mulaut Primary School, Kg Mata-Mata Primary School and Sengkurong Primary School.

“We want students to value their history and most importantly to understand where they came from and learn more about the country they live in,” he said, adding that children tend not to know what their ancestors did for Brunei.

“History is important. We have to build on our history and build a bond (with the younger generation),” he said.

He said they plan to visit 10 other schools in Brunei-Muara district and will conclude the roadshow there on June 4.

Speaking on the sidelines of the roadshow yesterday, Hjh Limah Hj Lusin, assistant principal at Katimahar Primary School, urged parents to make more efforts in improving their children’s knowledge of history.

She stressed the importance of parental involvement when it comes to education, adding that parents should talk to their children about their ancestral history.

“Parents should share with their children about the past and the old Brunei so they grow up appreciating their country,” said Hjh Limah, adding that only a few students know about the Japanese occupation in Borneo.

The Brunei Times