Online booking soon available for Tutong homestays

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THE Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body will support local homestays in the district by promoting their packages via an official portal.

The organisation’s Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Amir Hj Umarali, said that there are plans to introduce online booking for homestay programmes in the district via the Tutong Destination website,

This will be further discussed with other relevant agencies, including the Tutong District Office and village consultative councils (MPK) as homestay programmes are mainly managed by villagers, said Muhammad Amir.

He also urged homestay owners and villagers to collaborate with the relevant agencies to boost awareness on tourist attractions and promote what villages in Tutong have to offer.

“We call on MPKs who want to promote their homestay programme (in Tutong) to work together with the Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body,” he said.

In the long-term, he said that homestay programmes should also be promoted to holidaymakers abroad.

However, prior to that, some requirements need to be fulfilled in order to meet the ASEAN homestay standards.

It was previously reported that one of the villages in Tutong namely Kg Kiudang was chosen as a community-based ecotourism village last year under BIMP-EAGA – a subregional economic cooperation initiative in ASEAN.

The Tutong Destination Programme, a tourism development strategy which was officially launched in August 31 last year, is expected to create more job opportunities for the residents in the district. The programme promotes the district’s tourist attractions, cultural performances and traditional cuisine.

Some activities and events that were previously organised included Tutong Destination business matching with tour operators in Brunei, Tutong Ethnics Heritage Art and Cultural Day, visits activities through packages such as city tour, Tutong Cottage Industry Tour, Tutong River Cruise and others.

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