Man accused of trespassing, assault ordered remanded

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A MAN was remanded yesterday pending an investigation on the charge that he trespassed a home and assaulted its tenant.

A court document filed by prosecuting officer Vuina Song said that Jefuraji Latip, 35, also intended to commit theft in the home of 27-year-old Bayejid Midah, whom he slapped in the face.

During the proceedings yesterday, the prosecution sought a one week adjournment pending the medical report.

The prosecuting officer objected to defendant’s release on bail as Jefuraji has the “propensity to re-offend” since he had breached his bail conditions for another case.

In response, Jefuraji told the court that he committed the offence because the complainant owed him money and he needed it immediately to support his family.

“If I am remanded, who will feed my family? My wife is unemployed, my children are still schooling and my other family members will not help them,” said Jefuraji.

Presiding Magistrate Dewi Norlelawati Hj Abd Hamid, in view that the defendant had breached his bail condition for another case, rejected Jefuraji’s submission and granted the prosecution’s application for the defendant to be further remanded. The case is set to be heard again on May 28.

The Brunei Times