Setting up ambulance team is very close to HEART

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THE Humanitarian Emergency Aid Response Team (HEART) Volunteers Group is looking to start an ambulance team in order to provide better care and emergency support to the public.

HEART Volunteers Group’s Founder cum Head of Operations Paul Chiew Yun Choi told The Brunei Times during an interview that they currently use a saloon car to help transport patients for their medical checkups.

Although they also have an All Terrain Vehicle as well as a motorcycle team when needed, it cannot replace a proper ambulance that is equipped with the proper resources which is required in more immediate cases, he added.

“The ambulance will support and do a lot of good for the community such as transporting the elderly for their medical checkups. Sometimes whenever there is (an emergency) or disaster we can’t wait for 991,” said Paul.

During a recent press conference that was held for the upcoming World Heart Day Charity run organised by PLUS+ Magazine, Plus+ Magazine representative Louis Loo Kee Lee said that all proceedings from the event will be donated to HEART to help them establish their ambulance team and their operational needs.

“We are very happy that PLUS+ Magazine is organising this activity and donating (for our cause) because we need funds to set our own ambulance team,” said Chiew.

According to Paul, the main objective of the HEART is to provide humanitarian aid to anyone who requires it.

“We help stroke patients go through physiotherapy from Jerudong Park Medical Centre. We escort heart patients from Gleneagles for medical check-up and when they have any emergency such as heart pain they just gives us a call and we rush to the scene,” said Chiew.

He added that HEART provides emotional and logistical support to help patients cope with their situation. “After surgery, some of them do not have family support and some of them don’t even have transport for their medical checkups (so we provide this support). We also do home visits and inspire (these patients) to face the challenge because we understand (their situation),” said Paul who has also been through a stroke.

According to Paul, HEART was formed in 2012 with only 20 members, now they have over 600 members of which a majority is Bruneians.

The Brunei Times