No word on Honda car recall in Brunei

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THE sole dealer of Honda cars in Brunei, Happy Motoring Co Sdn Bhd, have yet to receive instructions from the Honda headquarters in Japan on whether Honda cars in Brunei would be affected by the recent additional recall of more than 21 million Honda cars worldwide.

An employee at Happy Motoring Co, who gave her name only as Miss Wong, told The Brunei Times that the company has already contacted the regional Honda Motors offices regarding the status of Bruneian Honda cars in the latest round of recalls.

“We are now just awaiting for a response and instructions on whether it affects (Honda cars) in Brunei but at the moment, we do not know yet if there will be additional cars for recall,” she said, referring to a similar recall last year.

However, Honda car owners in the country were given assurance that they will be informed immediately should there be a recall in Brunei. “As soon as we receive a reply regarding the recall, we will let our customers know through statements to the press if there will or will not be a recall in Brunei,” she said.

The Executive Vice President of Honda Motor Co Ltd Tetsuo Iwamura said on Friday last week that the carmaker plans to recall an additional 21 million of its vehicles worldwide, without specifying details of which countries the cars will be recalled from.

Honda had already recalled 30 million of its vehicles worldwide because of faulty airbags.

The planned recall is to fix defective airbags supplied by Japan’s automotive equipments manufacturer Takata Corporation, whose biggest client is Honda.

The airbags manufactured by Takata have been known to explode with too much force when deployed during an accident, sending shrapnel flying into the driver upon impact.

Around 7,000 vehicles from six car brands were recalled from Brunei last year as part of a global recall campaign to fix the faulty Takata airbags.

The faulty airbags have caused over 100 injuries and at least 11 deaths worldwide, including a heavily-pregnant Malaysian woman in 2014 who lived and worked in Brunei.

The 43-year-old woman died after a single metal fragment struck her in the neck when the airbag was deployed following a collision between her Brunei-registered 2003 Honda City and another vehicle in the Malaysian town of Sibu.

The Brunei Times