More students interested in creative arts

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INTEREST among students to participate in this year’s Students’ Extracurricular and Educational Dramatic Society (SEEDS) programme has increased.

Roziana Juned, SEEDS co-chairperson cum coach, said about 120 students registered for this year’s intake of its annual programme compared to last year when less than 100 students registered.

“I think (this shows) there’s a lot more interest among Bruneian students in entering the creative arts field, which is generated particularly through word-of-mouth by our previous seedlings (SEEDS participants), who tell their friends that SEEDS is a place for them.

“Students are also more aware that they shouldn’t just focus on the ‘formal’ kind of education, and they should venture out (into other educational opportunities) and SEEDS is one of the options given to them, which is also free,” Roziana said.

Parents were also more open to SEEDS these days as well, Roziana added.

“Previously, we had a hard time explaining to parents what SEEDS is and what we do.

“But now for some reason, parents seem to be more interested and they are more aware of what SEEDS can do for their children,” Roziana said.

One reason could be that parents have become more receptive of different career paths for their children, she said.

“We have had seedlings who have been sent abroad by the government to go for short courses, because of their stints in SEEDS, so it has sort of strengthened their CVs (in that way).

“I know of one seedling who was sent overseas and he was saying that his participation in SEEDS helped shape the kind of work experience he has,” Roziana said.

SEEDS Brunei, which was established in 2008 as a non-profit organisation aimed at providing students with skills through drama education, is currently in its eighth year.

It is supported by the Department of Schools at the Ministry of Education.

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