Dusun woman embraces Islam

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A 49-YEAR-OLD single mother yesterday embraced Islam at a ceremony in Kampung Bebuloh.

Bunga Kelahi took the leap of faith and converted to Islam in the presence of her friends and relatives at Rumah Kegiatan Ugama on Jalan Wasan Limau Manis.

The Dusun woman said she had always wanted to convert to Islam and felt it was the right time to do so.

Bunga chose the Muslim name Siti Nur Wardah Muhammad Mu’izzuddin because ‘wardah’ means ‘flower’ in Arabic, a reflection of her given Dusun name.

“I sought advice from the Islamic Da’wah Centre (PDI) before picking out a Muslim name. I wanted a name that has the same meaning as my given name,” she said.

She said growing up in a Muslim community and having Muslim parents gave her the opportunity to educate herself about the beauty of Islam as well as to listen to talks on the history of Islam from the perspective of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

“I listened to the stories of Prophet Mohammad ever since I was young, and that drew me to the religion,” she said, adding that television shows about Islam also influenced her to embrace the religion.

“Watching religious shows and reading about Islam made me even more curious and made me want to be closer to the religion,” she added.

The ceremony was also attended by Siti Nur Wardah’s 15-year-old daughter and officers from the PDI.

According to the latest statistics from the PDI, the number of new Muslim converts in the sultanate as of April this year was 190.

Ustazah Hjh Siti Ara Hj Berudin from the PDI said on the sidelines of the conversion ceremony that to ensure that new converts act according to the values of Islam, the PDI offers learning opportunities such as guidance classes every Friday and Sunday morning.

She added that in May, a total of 18 Muslim converts were recorded as of May 20.

The Brunei Times