Public cooperation with police urged

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THE Commissioner of the Royal Brunei Police Force (RBPF) urged the public to continue their efforts in crime prevention by aiding police by providing accurate information related to criminal activity in their respective areas.

In his speech during the passing out ceremony for 103 recruits of squad 1/2015, Dato Paduka Seri Bahrin Md Noor said that public cooperation with the police should be a ‘fundamental priority’ among residents in tackling crime.

“This is because residents in their respective areas are more knowledgeable of their areas and are acquainted with the residents there,” said the commissioner.

“I hope parents, guardians and families will continue to support the police initiatives and strategies aimed to effectively reduce crime rates,” he said.

Dato Bahrin urged the public to continue relying on the police as an enforcement agency that is trusted, skilled, professional and possessing integrity.

“With that being said, it is important we ensure these training programmes produce police officers that work towards increasing (the people’s) trust, (police) credibility, and professionalism,” he said.

He reminded current police officers to act as a guide and mentor to the new constables by advising or criticising them whenever needed, so they do not ‘slip’ from the path of professionalism and integrity – qualities that are imperative for them to carry.

“This guidance process will elevate further camaraderie and teamwork while instilling the principle of ‘(applying) training in work’ and ‘leadership through example’. InsyaAllah if this guidance process continues, the RBPF will achieve success in possessing personnel that are skilled, credible and professional,” he said.

The commissioner urged parents and guardians to constantly motivate new police officers to carry their task with responsibility and determination conducive to the aim of preserving peace and stability of the country.

Seventy six male and 27 female recruits completed their six month training yesterday, marking their first day as constables of the police force.

The Brunei Times