Murder case remitted to High Court

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A LOCAL man charged with murdering another man in Kg Pandan, Belait, had his case committed to the High Court where he will stand for trial.

Muhd Zulkifli Abd Jalil, 27, is accused of murdering Ispawi Idris, 43, at a house at the Pandan National Housing Scheme on May 20, 2015.

During the proceedings yesterday, the court was satisfied that there are sufficient grounds for the case to proceed to trial.

Asked by the magistrate if he had anything to say, the defendant declined.

He said that he was reserving his words for the trial.

No dates were set yesterday for the next mention of the case but the defendant will appear again before the High Court to set the trial dates.

The defendant was ordered to continue to be in remand until he is brought before the High Court.

At the end of the proceedings, the defendant asked to be able to see his family who were present at court and was allowed to do so for 20 minutes by the presiding magistrate.

Muhd Zulkifli had allegedly committed the murder alongside co-defendant, 33 year-old Muhd Hakimi Rizal Abdullah @ Eyan Beritin, who has since died of unnatural causes while in police custody at the Central Police Station.

If convicted, Muhd Zulkifli faces the death penalty.

The Brunei Times