Leadership programme concludes

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THE Sixth Student Leadership and Development Programme (6th SLDP) concluded on a high note yesterday with participants saying they are now better equipped to be leaders.

In his speech during the closing ceremony, Muhd Zul Haffiq Muhd Zhulaidi from Universiti Sultan Sharif Ali (UNISSA), as the representative of the programme’s participants, said the programme has challenged them not only mentally but also physically and spiritually.

“This programme has taught us to become good leaders as the activities conducted with us improved our leadership skills – especially our teamwork, creativity and communication skills,” said Zul Haffiq.

Speaking to The Brunei Times, another participant, Dk Nurul Hajidah Najabah Pg Abd Ghani, said the programme has helped her develop her self-esteem and confidence.

The student of Web Development at Politeknik Brunei said that prior to enrolling in the programme, she had difficulties expressing herself as she didn’t think she had any leadership qualities.

“I’m more of a pushover than a leader as I only graduated from high school and most of my classmates are older than me in Politeknik.

“But SLDP has helped me a lot in building my confidence, empowering myself and harnessing the leadership qualities in me,” she said.

Thirty-one participants from higher educational institutions Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB), Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD), UNISSA and Politeknik Brunei completed the programme after camping for three days and four nights at the Berakas Forest Reserve and paying a visit to Pusat Ehsan.

With this year’s theme of ‘Dare to Care’, the 6th SLDP focused on the importance of caring for others in the community, especially the needy and underprivileged groups, as one of the aspects in becoming a good leader.

Nurhani Basirah Hj Chipli said the visit by the participants to Pusat Ehsan was an ‘eye opener’ in appreciating the life that is given to them as there are others in this society who are less fortunate and need care.

“Being a leader, it’s not just to lead but to listen to others and care for them,” said the UNISSA student, adding that ‘caring for others’ isn’t just a duty for a leader but also for mankind.

She added that the programme also taught her to ‘step out of her comfort zone’ and pushed her beyond her limits as she was normally not an adventurous person.

“Never ever stop learning, as the learning process is endless, and with the knowledge we gain, it eases our way to develop our leadership skills,” she said.

Held at UTB’s compound, the closing ceremony was attended by Jennifer Hiew Lim, registrar and secretary of the institution, who presented certificates to the participants.

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