JPI holds national religious programme

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MORE than 500 students from Mahad Islam Brunei in Tutong took part in a nationwide religious programme yesterday.

The programme – comprising students from Year 5 to Year 11 – was organised by the Department of Islamic Studies (JPI) for the month of May.

The programme started with a tazkirah (religious talk) on exam preparations where the speaker, religious education officer at Mahad Islam Brunei Hj Muliadey Mohammad, outlined eight methods students can follow.

The first method is sacrifice, where students are required to spend less time watching television and using the Internet.

“To achieve success, you have to make sacrifices. Students need to spend less time watching television and using the Internet and concentrate on their studies instead,” said Hj Muliadey.

He said students are also urged to conduct swift but effective revision closer to the examination period.

“Students can do this by looking through their notes and focus on the main points of a subject.”

He said the best time to do revision is from 2am to 4am because it is a quiet and peaceful time allowing students to concentrate.

Hj Muliadey said students should check their timetable to make sure when and what time their examinations are.

Apart from that, he said they should be in a calm state or have a calm mind, have positive thoughts and not feel stressed or pressured, during exams.

“Closer to the exams, students are recommended to just read or look through their notes instead of referring to their thick books, as this can cause them to stress or panic.”

Before going for their examinations, students are also encouraged to seek forgiveness from their parents and teachers.

By doing this, InsyaAllah, they will be rewarded for their good deeds and will be able to answer questions in the exam smoothly, he said.

Hj Muliadey said students should also refrain from laughing or joking too much before their examination.

“Lastly, students are encouraged to have a balanced diet and to drink enough water during revision and the examination period,” he added.

The talk was followed by a mass _Sunat Hajat Prayer, Doa Peperiksaan, the recitation of Surah Yasin, Doa Khas Hari Keluarga and Doa Peliharakan Sultan dan Negara Brunei Darussalam_.

Students from Mabohai Religious School in the Brunei-Muara district, Kiudang Religious School in Tutong district, Sungai Liang Religious School in Belait district and Negalang Religious School in Temburong also participated in the programme.

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