UBD student to develop game technology as teaching aid

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A UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) part-time PhD student is currently in the process of creating an e-learning application to assist students in the sultanate to enhance their motivation towards education.

Eddy Fazlin Hj Amdan told The Brunei Times during the Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education (SHBIE) Publication and Research Club sharing session that educational game applications on mobile phones and computers are a new learning tool that can be used in classrooms and at home.

 He said the concept is being applied to in many other countries, therefore, he hopes to bring the technology to the sultanate’s education system by creating his own educational game.

 “It is global; students are more engaged in games and activities. This is why I am pursuing educational game activities because this is what is missing in our country,” said Eddy, who is also a senior education officer at the Ministry of Education.

 From his research and studies, the PhD student believes the new learning tool will help motivate students to study as he believes the youth nowadays are attached to technologies and games.

 Eddy, along with three other team members created a computer prototype game for his PhD in Education study.

He said the prototype, which focuses on science topics, is targeted at primary school students which he plans to continue to develop for the future.

 “Our target for this study is primary school students, but we will continue to move forward and make it more scale-able and move on to other levels, such as secondary school and higher education,” he said.

He said the game, titled Wonder Quest, will go through more tests and prototypes to seek further improvements.

 Currently, he said the game has three gameplay mechanics. The first mechanic requires the users to collect correct answers.

Meanwhile, the second mechanic requires the students to pop balloons with the correct answers, and the last mechanic requires the students to match the correct pairs of balloons.

 “We are trying to design and develop a game that has a balance of education, as well as game play. It is a more engaging learning tool,” he said.

Eddy went on to say that he and his group hope to complete the game by 2017, which he then hopes will be used in schools.

He also plans to teach other teachers to develop and create their own games for their classes.

The Brunei Times