UBD hosts Isra’ Mikraj lecture

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UNIVERSITI Brunei Darussalam (UBD) commemorated Isra’ Mikraj yesterday by hosting a special lecture that highlighted the importance of performing the five daily prayers.

Entitled ‘Solat Kunci Syurga’ (Prayers as the Key to Heaven), it was delivered by Ustaz Hj Jufri Hj Hidup at the Senate Room in Chancellor Hall.

He reminded the audience of the importance of performing the daily prayers accompanied by supplications in order for Muslims to reap benefits in the afterlife as stated in the Quran and Hadith.

“There are those who falter when trying to conduct the five daily prayers, and the numbers are many. There could at least be one person that we know, say, in each extended family,” said Ustaz Hj Jufri.

He said the story of Isra’ Mikraj involved Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) heavenly ascent where he had met Prophet Musa, who was instrumental in convincing Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to ask Allah SWT to reduce the daily obligation of prayers from 50 to five.

“The rewards that await us are plentiful, and while it may seem difficult for some to perform, it would not only be worthwhile but of great benefits to us,” said Ustaz Hj Jufri, who stressed the reduced number of prayers should not be taken for granted.

Over 150 people comprising lecturers and students from UBD attended the lecture, which was organised by UBD’s Religious Committee 2016.

According to a statement by the university, the main objective of the lecture was to share knowledge on the importance of prayers and it was also an act of community service by the university for those seeking a clear understanding on the lecture’s subject matter.

Present as the guest of honour was Acting Vice Chancellor Rubiah Hj Yacub.

The Brunei Times