Tutong roadshow planned in schools to promote tourism

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THE Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body and other relevant agencies are planning to carry out a series of roadshow to promote the district’s tourist attractions to students of various schools in the country sometime this year.

Speaking to The Brunei Times yesterday, Muhammad Amir Hj Umarali, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body, said the roadshow will involve many agencies such as the corporate section at the Tutong District Office and Brunei Tourism.

“We need to promote the Tutong tourism packages to schools in Brunei,” said Muhammad Amir, adding that they will also contact the relevant agency at the Ministry of Education before the series of roadshow take place in schools throughout the country.

“This aims to make the students know more about Tutong interesting places, the culture and history,” he said.

During the roadshow, the organiser will also be delivering presentations on Tutong tourist attractions and various packages under the Tutong Destination Programme.

It was previously reported that the Tutong Destination Programme, which was formally introduced on August 31 last year, was created by the Tutong District Office in collaboration with several ministries, tourism operators and non-governmental organisations to promote the district’s tourist attractions, cultural performances and traditional cuisines as well as to create more job opportunities for its residents.

The Programme is also supported by community leaders and the participation of members of village consultative councils (MPK). It is hoped that the programme will not only promote local tourism products in the district but also create employment for the residents, especially the youth.

Tutong has a total of eight mukims comprising 32 villages which offer more than 30 places of interest for tourist attractions and various local products under the government-led One Village One Product initiative.

Muhammad Amir also called on each MPK to work together with the Tutong District Tourism Coordination and Promotion Body in promoting each village tourist attraction including the homestay programme.

“In the near future we will include the homestay programme in the Tutong Destination website,” he said referring to the official portal that features local tourism industry and village products.

The Brunei Times