‘Prayers, the key to paradise’

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THE Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College (KUPU SB) celebrated Isra’ Mikraj yesterday with a special forum themed ‘Sembahyang Kunci Syurga’ (Prayers as the Key to Heaven).

The forum was moderated by KUPU SB staff Ali Hardi Hj Mohammed and the panel comprised KUPU SB lecturers Ustazah Norasibah Hj Awang Besar, Ustaz Hj Muhammad Syahiran Hj Muhammad Sofian and Ustazah Dk Nurul Majeedah Pg Hj Hamdan.

During the forum, the panel members said that Allah SWT chooses those that can enter paradise.

Ustaz Hj Muhammad Syahiran said having the ‘key’ to heaven does not ensure that one can enter heaven as heaven belongs to Allah SWT and only he can decide who enters.

“If you constantly perform prayers but do not perform other obligations and conduct behaviour that is forbidden or prohibited in Islam, then you may not be able to enter paradise.”

To enter paradise, Ustaz Hj Muhammad Syahiran said Muslims must constantly perform the five daily prayers, as well as other obligations.

Ustazah Dk Nurul Majeedah said Muslims are encouraged to perform prayers from the age of seven years old.

“By the age of 10, if our children do not perform prayers then we can lightly smack them.”

She said Muslims are encouraged to pray from a young age because it is the key to paradise.

“If we perform our prayers properly and constantly then it is beneficial for us but if we don’t then we are at a loss.”

Ustazah Dk Nurul Majeedah said apart from being the key to paradise, prayers are also our identity.

Ustazah Norasibah touched on strengthening aqidah (faith) and perfecting ibadah (acts of worship).

Present as the guest of honour was KUPU SB Acting Raes Dr Hj Adanan Hj Basar.

The ceremony was held at KUPU SB’s Dewan Ta’lim to remember the night journey of Prophet Muhammad SAW from Masjidil Haram to Masjidil Aqsa and his ascension to heaven.

It also hopes to enliven the celebrations and strengthen relations between KUPU SB officers and staff.

The Brunei Times